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The Love-Life Balance and Dating

We’ve all heard the expression ‘working at your relationship’, or ‘working at your marriage’, but if you spend the vast majority of your time working at work then where will you find the energy, head-space and the time required to be just as successful in matter of the heart?

Too Eager When Dating

There’s nothing wrong with a little enthusiasm, but if you’re over-zealous and smothering your date with proclamations of love and suggestions of co-habitation as early as the first date, then don’t be surprised if your dating partner doesn’t match your eagerness and stops returning your calls.

Dating & Personal Hygiene

They say you only have one chance to make a good first impression, so how will you present yourself? Pollock-like splatters of food on your shirt or greasy matted strands of hair are tell-tale signs of a standard of personal hygiene that is bound to be the last impression your date has of you.

Dating & Chivalry

Is chivalry declining, moribund or already dead and is that a good or bad thing? The rules of the dating game, in terms of the more traditional social behaviours, is in significant flux and this has brought with it no small amount of confusion for men and women alike. In our latest online dating Vlog we chit-chat about this very topic and ask the question, do women still privately regard male chivalry as a good thing?