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Rudeness on a First Date

Being rude on a first date is not exactly ideal behaviour if you fancy your chances of progressing to date number two. But, did you realise that the more subtle forms of impoliteness, such as clicking your fingers to beckon the wait staff, is just as likely to send a signal to your dating partner that you’re probably not exactly a great catch!

The Danger of the Double-Standard in Dating

Dating profiles are, by their nature, quite restrictive. You are often forced to reduce your life down to the ticking of a few boxes and the odd free-text opportunity to sell yourself. One suggestion is that you carefully avoid adding preferences for any prospective dating match that you cannot uphold yourself.

Single Women & Dating Sites | Maybe She’s Not That Into You

Just because a single woman is using a dating website, it absolutely does not mean she is so desperate as to not filter her messages and respond selectively.

Women get many multiples the rate of messages men get on dating site and is she hasn’t responded to you after you have extended her your patience and waited a reasonable amount of time, maybe you should just accept that she’s just not that into you and move on.

Are You Suffering from Dating Fatigue?

Are you suffering from dating fatigue? Maybe you’re jaded from the dating scene and have that feeling that you’re simply not getting anywhere? We can tell you, you are not alone and while the remedy is to remain positive and be patient, it can also help to know that there’s nothing particularly ‘undateable’ about you. The very many numbers of single people just like you bear that out.