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Do You Feel like a Lost Cause when it comes to Dating?

We often speak with single people and receive emails from them all of the time who feel they are a lost cause to dating. As Professional Matchmakers we can truly say, nobody is lost to dating and a little shift in mindset and attitude can bring about a remarkable change in fortune when it comes to find love and romance

Bad Language makes for Bad Dating

We can’t always be Wildean and beautifully lyrical in our conversations, but if you find yourself reaching for an expletive, where a more civilised adjective or noun would do better, then expect your dating prospects to go as badly as your language.
Does it sound like you, or someone you know? Tell us your story in the comments, expletive-free, of course!

Are You Too Embarrassed to try Online Dating?

While online dating & professional matchmaking services continue their upward trend in Ireland, we are still miles behind our UK and US single counterparts. Very often embarrassment is the reason we are given by Irish singles for the reluctance to try dating this way.

Dating Demeanours – Assertive or Aggressive, Ladies?

Are you a bit too aggressive in your demeanour? Is this the trait you’re most likely to display on first dates? You’re not alone and our experience has shown time an again why it’s not a winning dating formula.